Where the love began.

It all kicked off in Japan in 2019 where our founder Paul along with his buddies Aleks & Chris burst onto the streets of Tokyo with one common interest. Football. Adoring what to us was a previously unknown football-obsessed culture, we hit the streets of Shibuya, Shinjuku and surrounds and absorbed the 2002 World Cup host's funkiest footballing facilities. The combination of eccentric fashion and vintage football shirts is what inspired Paul to piece together what is now PFC Vintage.

Who we are.

At PFC Vintage we are football fans. Just like you. Based in Australia, our focus is to share and enjoy the nostalgia associated with all things football from yesteryear. We've built a portfolio of contacts from all around the globe to source some of the finest football shirts and bring them to you. Our goal is to be fully transparent about the condition of each product and we encourage customers to submit any questions they may have prior to making their purchase. We understand many fake/non-authentic items are in circulation and we do our best to avoid them. We take pride in our knowledge and ability to tell the difference. We do not and will not sell fakes or non-genuine products.

Australian Dollars

As we're an Australian based business our currency is AUD. Please do not mistake the dollar sign "$" for USD as the exchange rate will not reflect the value and might have you thinking that our prices are much higher than what they really are.