We like to be transparent about the condition our items are in and we've learned that using an out of 10 rating on an item can be a little challenging to interpret since what you consider a 9/10 we might think is an 8/10 and so on.
These ratings are going to be phased-out across all PFC Vintage products in the near future!
Our aim is to give you a good understanding of what you're purchasing so we are creating a rating system and a condition report for each product.

The Rating System:

BNWT: Brand New With Tags. This will be flawless unless advised otherwise in the Condition Report.

Excellent: Very minimal/next to no imperfections or issues, overall very close to being a new but just shy.

Great: Some signs of wear, knicks, bobbles etc. but still in great condition considering the age. Very common for vintage kits!

Fair/Good: Signs of wear, knicks, bobbles etc. in reasonable condition considering age.

Average: Multiple signs of ageing or damage, still wearable, check the condition report for full details.

Condition Report:

The condition report will be the descriptor. Giving you the information you need to know more about the product, it's perks, it's flaws and everything in between.

"Colours are vibrant, crest and sponsor look like new, name set is showing signs of age but overall great condition. Small bobble on the front."


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