When it comes to 90's throwbacks and establishing where it all began. One of the earliest memories of football I have came from a hand-me-down Sega Mega Drive and a handful of games.

 Enter, Fifa International Soccer.

Notorious for the ability to run away from the Referee to avoid a red card accompanied by an aggressive smashing of the shoot button from any part of the pitch. Not only did Fifa International Soccer provided endless hours of entertainment for the 90's kids. It was the beginning of what now looks to be an EA Sports dynasty of annual updates.

Much like collecting shirts, boots and memorabilia from yesteryear this game was the OG of the FIFA series and has kicked off what seems to be its own niche of video game collecting.

From a graphics perspective, the game was revolutionary. Up until it's 1993 release the world hadn't seen a great deal of "life-like" game play scenarios. Konami had some very good competitors but nothing quite like that of Fifa International Soccer.

What made it so good, you ask?

For a game that is 26 years old, the detail and capabilities around the players, the kits, the tactics and the celebrations was astounding. The isometric view was something new to the sports gaming also which made it all the more encapsulating.

What was your favourite football game of the 90s?


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    Me gustaría tenerlo

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