Globally recognised football up-cyclist UNWANTED FC have helped us changed the football shirt game forever. It's no secret that I'm an avid lover of long sleeve football shirts and like most collectors I grew frustrated with the lack of new kits releasing only in short sleeve to the average consumer.
Enter Inter Milan 2020/21 Third Shirt:
My favourite shirt of the season. Reminiscent of their 2004-06 and 1997-98 shirts filling me with memories of Ronaldo, Adriano, Zamorano and that one iconic photo of Materazzi leaning on Rui Costa gazing into a wall of flares and pryo during their UCL derby in 2005. One problem. No long sleeve release.
I had been planning this concept in my head for the entire season and I knew the perfect people for the job. So I flexed my photoshop muscle and drafted a concept and let UNWANTED FC work their magic.

The rest was left to the UNWANTED crew to work their magic and oh boy they did exactly that.
They even threw in a dope bum bag made from the excess material.
Thankfully, we’re now seeing some long sleeve shirts hit the retail racks as consumers yearned for the variant and thankfully some manufacturers listened. But without a time machine there's only one way to get those iconic kits.
I'm now a very proud owner of the only long sleeve 2020-21 Inter Milan Third Shirt in the world! Thank you, UNWANTED FC!
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